Our farm is a rural hobby farm in central Kansas. A new job brought us to the heartland, and we LOVE it here. We moved from the big city to try out country life. My husband works for an international agricultural company with a plant here in the small town. He is on the legal team working with patents and trademarks. After I finished college in Rec. Management and Youth Leadership, I have stayed home full-time with our children and now the farm. With most of our kids out of the house now, and 1 more about to leave- our farming bug is finally getting some more attention. We love to plant the garden, eat the produce we grow ourselves and work towards homesteading

self-sufficiency as much as we can. 

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Sunset Creek Farm

"Some old fashioned things like fresh aire and sunshine are hard to beat"

What is a hobby farm anyway?

One definition I found online said: "A hobby farm can have different definitions. But the basic idea is that a hobby farm is a small-scale farm that is primarily for pleasure instead of being a business venture. ... Whatever the source, the point is that the farm does not have to make money—it can be engaged in on a hobby level."

Good to know we are fitting that definition clearly! Cuz we ain't making any money :)  I  think we’re just spending it on lots and lots of feed. My brother teases, "So just what ARE you doing with those goats? Are you milking them? Are they clearing brush?" Well, we have tried milking, making goat milk ice-cream, and cheese, but who wants to milk in the dead of winter? Especially if it's "just for fun".

So we haven't milked for a few years- but hope to again down the road.  So basically, it is all a way to make our children work! and learn to appreciate nature, appreciate where our food comes from, learn new skills, be more self-sufficient, enjoy nature and the land, and a lot of just for fun pleasure. So a hobby farm is exactly that, a hobby. 

 KS 67062, USA

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