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Sunset Creek Farm is a small, rural hobby farm in central Kansas. To become more self-reliant, teach hard work, and to provide more natural experiences and choices for our family- we were blessed to move to the country where we raise goats, chickens, ducks, bees, vegetables, dogs, and human kids too

Our Story

Once Upon a Time...

We lived in busy San Diego. Our 4 small boys wanted a dog SO desperately! But my hubby had been a naval officer for several years & we moved all over the country- so it hadn’t been really feasible. Now, only months out of law school & only able to rent a home in the high-priced San Diego...they still had to wait. Fast forward 2 moves, 2 states, 1 wonderful Vizsla, and 15+ years later… my husband found his dream job that allowed us to move to the country and live in a small town. But, the only house for sale in the town of 3000 with enough bedrooms for our then 7 children, was on 34 acres. Now we could not only have dogs and cats, but all kinds of wonderful creatures, and soon we bought our first 2 goats, a Nigerian Dwarf pair. Within a few months, we added 3 Nubian dairy goats and 3 sweet barn cats. But the coyotes howling at night made us worry.

We'd see them on the driveway, in the yard, and our neighbors had them on the porch! 


It was time to get a LGD (livestock guardian dog). For me, it was no choice.  I had always loved the Great Pyrenees. We began our search. We found the most beautiful dogs at a breeder near us in Missouri. But she informed us that we might want two puppies, not one? She explained, they take their job seriously and when guarding livestock, they take turns sleeping and guarding. So, if one Pyrenees, no one to take turns with guarding and sleeping. So, two Pyrenees is better for their health and long life. So we decided a team of guardians was better than one. We found another LGD up in Iowa. Dekota (Koda) and Denali (Nali) were brought to our home and they have been the most amazing dogs!  We fell in love with these wonderful caretakers. We’ve added and tried many different creatures - guineas, ducks, chickens, Nubians, Boers, honey bees-as we enjoy our new country life, but the Pyrenees remain our favorite …with the exception of our human family! Our human family has grown along with our Pyrenees.  It now includes 3 daughters-in-law. We are grateful we can share our daily life with this beautiful breed and are love living with them,  and we are excited we can have a few litters from time to time to share with others.

Our Family ~2015

 KS 67062, USA

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