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Great Pyrenees at Sunset Creek

Guardian ~ Working ~ Companion

Welcome to our farm! At Sunset Creek, we have fun raising goats, chickens, ducks, and honey bees. Our beloved Great Pyrenees were added to keep coyotes and other critters away and keep everybody safe. They do an amazing job watching over everybody, including the humans and even the cats!  We fell in love with their loyal, gentle, sweet personalities... sweet when not chasing or fighting off predators!  We love them and encourage you to learn more about the amazing Great Pyrenees. 

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Our Pyrenees

Our AKC Pyrenees are from both working and champion lines.

They are the perfect homestead guardians on our little hobby farm. If you'd like to learn more about Sunset Creek and a little about who we are, go to our "About Us" page 

Our Pyrenees

Our Farm

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